wait. it’s fall?

I want some cool clothes
nothing major, just short pants
this shouldn’t be hard

It’s July.
It’s 105.
It’s Texas.

I went to, you know, buy some shorts because it’s effing hot. Guess what? Ain’t nobody got any shorts to sell. Only sweaters and jeans. There are some clearance "bermuda shorts" (aka: 1985 jams without the flowers) but no real shorts. Because apparently it’s Fall Shopping Season.


2 thoughts on “

  1. It’s been in the 102 to 109 range here for the last week- one day was very humid, which is odd for us here. We like our dry heat.
    A trip to the beach and all of it’s cool, wet air though- wow! Talk about refreshing if it was sticky and wet! 70* never felt so good!


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