stretching and sweating
sounds like healthy idea
so I’m skeptical

I have a friend who’s been trying to get me to take a yoga class for a long time. I actually have several friends who’ve tried to talk me into it. I even went so far as to buy some clothes and a mat and a couple of DVDs. Yet something is holding me back.

I really do like the idea of a good stretch. And I like the idea of fixing my posture and feeling healthier in general. I like that yoga is low-impact. (I don’t really like to bounce.) What I worry about is the whole "cleansing" aspect of it. I don’t know if I could take it seriously. I mean, I love that people cleanse their chi or whatever. I like the idea that a stretch can be emotionally and spiritually fulfilling in some way. But I don’t know if I would like for that to happen to me in a room full of other sweaty people.

Just yesterday my friend was trying to talk me into taking a yoga class. She said the room is dark and candle lit so I don’t have to worry about people seeing me falling on my ass. This I like. But then she said that it’s so spiritually cleansing that she cries every time. And I was all, "uh… that’s great." And I got a little uncomfortable which is weird, because I’m not one of those people that gets squicky around emotions. I’m all about a good cry. But the idea of exercise making me cry for metaphysical reasons (and not emergency room-related reasons), somehow freaks me out. I feel bad that it does. I WANT to go in a room and cleanse my chi, but I’m afraid I would make little jokes about it. I would screw with other people’s cleansing or whatever and then I would be disinvited from yoga and that would be embarrassing.

Plus, the yoga teacher is also the wee one’s dance teacher and that seems a little weird too. Especially if she’s going to cleanse my spirit or whatever.

Anyway. Does this make me closed-minded? I don’t want to be closed-minded. I want to enjoy a good stretch. But maybe not with the wee one’s hot dance teacher. Especially if I’m going to cry and fall on my ass. I prefer to do that in private. Though I may give in and give the class a try.

Peer pressure is a bitch.

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  1. I’ve never cried during yoga, if it makes you feel any better. It does make me feel more relaxed afterwards. Even the sessions that wear me out physically (yoga can kick your butt, sometimes).
    I’m with you, though, about the laughing. I can see there might be danger of that if some of the other yoga people are crying.


  2. Just try one class & if you hate it, then don’t go back to a class, just at home (impossible, I know, with wee ones–except sometimes they get into it, too).


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