burning a hole

time for a nice treat
shouldn’t feel guilty for this
even though I do

I bought an ipod today. The honkin 60GB one. It is so awesome I’m almost speechless. So many songs, so much intuitive organization…. I only wish I could buy an ipod for my desk – or hell, my whole house. I could throw myself up against the wheel on my living room wall and scroll to "Magazines>EW>Where the hell are they all?" and my housepod would show me that they’ve been hidden underneath the ottoman and then it would alphabetize them, or organize them by date. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Anyway, I’m making do with the regular, non-fantastical ipod. It rocks. I’m gonna put some pictures on it and use it to back up my manuscripts, too.

My question is, where can I find a badass skin for it – or a case or something? If, in the next week or so, I don’t manage to a)lose it b)drop it or c)fry it in the 1,000 degree innards of my car, I’d at least like to keep it purty and not scratched. So I need clothes for the ipod. Any suggestions?

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  1. The skins at this site are kinda pricey, but I saw them in person in San Diego and they are way cool. Plastic clipon things that just sort of go around the iPod and become a part of it. Lots of cool designs, the ones I liked were from artist/graphic designer Ragnar.


  2. I just bought an iPod last week, and I searched around until I found these cool iSkins (http://www.iskin.com/). I spent hours poring over the site, then went to the Apple store and voila, there they were! It was the only brand they had that includes a plastic protector for the screen, as well as the body. HTH!


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