You wanna?

let’s be creative
not with cooking or finance
but with good story

I’m gonna start a story and you guys can add on to it. Dorky? Yes. Fun? Oh yes.

Once upon a time there was a dog named Krystal Misty.
"Why," wondered Krystal Misty, "did my owners give me a double stripper name?"
It was a question that plagued her for a very long time. She didn’t feel like a stripper dog. She didn’t want to be a stripper dog. She even contemplated changing her name, but since she couldn’t talk, she had no way of telling her owners she wanted her new name to be "Shawna."

Krystal Misty was bummed. The other dogs made fun of her and hummed "bow-chicka-wow-wow" noises whenever she walked down the street. One day Krystal Misty had had enough. She flew out of her doggie door and

3 thoughts on “

  1. bit Kevin right on his booty. The weiner dog had been the neighborhood ringleader, tormenting Krystal Misty for ages.
    Kevin yowled and hobbled home, leaving Krystal Misty smiling in the driveway.
    As she basked in sun and bared her teeth at the other dogs who dared to come near her, a limo drove up and parked in front of the house. Out stepped


  2. Pee Doggie, the rapper dog who had just finished serving 2 years in Rikers for biting his mailman and forcing him to listen to Pee’s latest cd. Pee smiled at Krystal, his bling sparkling in the sunlight. Just as Krystal was about to present herself to Pee, a gunshot


  3. failed to ring out. Relieved at the lack of violence, Krystal celebrated her new found freedom in the way that dogs have done for millenia–she sang some show tunes. Specifically, she sang out


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