haiku-ing has slowed
heat waves impair my vision
or I am lazy

It has been so dreadfully hot I can’t do anything but wish I was naked in Siberia. Typing makes me sweat. Thinking makes me sweat. Showering makes me sweat.

And it’s not just me. Everyone in town is feeling it. People are grumpy everywhere. Traffic is worse than usual. Normally sweet tempered folks are grousing at each other in line at the grocery store. It’s hot and miserable and there’s no end in sight.

When you think about it, October isn’t that far away. But then when you think that everyday between now and then is going to be 105 degrees, well, blah. It might as well be 14 years from now.

I guess all of this is a roundabout apology for not blogging more. It’s too damn hot to think of anything entertaining to write. Plus, the only thing of any interest that’s happened lately is that I’ve gone to the eye doctor and he was a shitty-ass time-wasting blowhard who really pissed me off. woo woo.

So I’ll go eat my eggrolls and watch Star Wars and cower in my air-conditioned house. Then maybe something truly enlightening will hit me and I can finally have something to bother you with.

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