on where tinkle goes
you think just in the potty?
hoo boy, you’re so wrong

The wee one busted in on me while I was in the bathroom today.

"I need to tinkle!" he demanded.

After a stern talking to about trying to boot people off the toilet who are in the process of pottying, he got his turn.

"Where does tinkle go?" he asked while he whizzed.

"In the potty," I answered, quickly making sure that the tinkle, indeed, was going into the potty and not all over my Live in New York book on the floor.

"No, Mommy," the wee one said matter-of-factly. "Tinkle goes in swimming pools."

I thought for a moment and said, "Well, no it doesn’t. You should never tinkle in a swimming pool."

"You tinkle in the swimming pool!" the wee one accused.

"I do not!" I retorted. "Tinkle does not belong in a swimming pool!"

"Yes it does, Mommy!" the wee one argued. "The tinkle goes in the potty and then it’s washed and it makes the water for swimming pools."

At this I was struck dumb for a moment.

"Someone has been teaching you about waste water treatment plants?" I asked.

"Not PLANTS, Mommy. TINKLE."

And there you have it.

5 thoughts on “

  1. Wonderful story! I love kids’ ideas…and they pick up so much!
    2 quick questions…
    When is your book coming out?
    Did you get laser surgery on your eyes? If not, I have gotten it if you have any questions…


  2. Della, the book is coming out just before Mother’s Day next year (as far as I know – I’ll ask to powers to be to make sure) and I totally chickened out on the laser eye surgery. How did yours go? Can you read the billboards on the moon?


  3. I am SO glad I got the surgery!! The only side effext I have noticed is that at night there are blurry bits around white lights, but as there were stars around them with glasses, I am ok with it. It did hurt a bit, but was really quick, and I absolutely am happy I did it. I wore glasses every waking minute from 3rd grade til age 26! And yes, my vision is now 20/12.


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