an experiment
is haikuoftheday mad?
must go buy flowers

Former Boss Who Shall Not Be Named is trying to lure me into pretend fame and no fortune by getting me to blog as a "citizen journalist" for the Austin American Statesman. Because I am easily sucked into such flattery, I agreed. I also agreed because it was made clear that I can share posts from this blog and thus my finite amount of creativity won’t be whittled down to nothing (which is what has pretty much already happened THANK YOU VERY MUCH you godforsaken evil-hearted DragonTales that I am forced to watch everyday).

Anyway, if you want to read my not very specific diatribes about television that have been deemed too risque to get me past the Statesman censors, you can go take a look at CurlyHairedTVDork. There are only two posts right now. One is the Emmy’s liveblog you can enjoy below. The other is a "review" of some new TV shows.

Let me know what you think. I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing it or not. Though I guess I can review TV shows over here and then post them over there, or vice versa.

This is SO not what I should be worrying about now.

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  1. You are so easy on the sci-fi/spooky shows. Put an unseen monster in a show with a little bit of dry ice, some shaky flashlights, and an attractive-but-skeptical-but-starting-to-maybe-believe female character and you go all weak in the critical knees.
    Which is fine, of course.


  2. You know what I hate about DragonTales? The way the kids just leave abruptly at the end..they never even say goodbye, or half the time finish what they were doing! Sorry, I realize that was not the point of your blog…just a fellow mom here who also gets very tired of toddler shows…


  3. Hey — blogging on the Statesman. That’s a very cool idea. You won’t make $75 per week like a real syndicated columnist, but then again you don’t have to suffer through an editor. And on those days when you’re not really funny — few and far between — you won’t feel as guilty about the drivel.


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