lazy? busy.

eastern time zone lag
I am not compatible
with television

Just a quick post – I’m in GA with the wee one, checking in on my grandmother (she’s doing better!) and spending most of my time either eating or driving back and forth from the hospital.

I did manage to watch the Martha Stewart Apprentice show. And I also managed to give ten observations on said show over at the curlyharedTVdork blog. Just in case to want to see them.

Oh, man. I am so tired. So incredibly tired. Having to get up at 3:30 am to go the airport, and then having to walk all the way from Terminal D to baggage claim because the airport trains are broken makes me very tired. And that happened days ago. I’m still trying to recover. So I have to go to bed early. And miss TV. Wah.

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  1. Aww haikumama, I feel for you. I used to visit that airport about four times a year for three years. And after certain hours, the trans are shut down. I feel your pain. Good luck in GA, and my best to your grandmother.


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