sounds inocuous
really, though, is devil’s drink
crazy Italians!

The Coke museum was a success inasmuch as watching a 15 year old "high-definition" video on Coke Around World, looking at a bunch of old bottles and advertising paraphernalia, and taking pictures of French people on vacation can be. That sounds kind of snarky – I don’t mean it to. We really did have a fun time.

Especially fun is the tasting room – which I remember distinctly from my previous visit to the Coke museum (just before the Coke Around World video was produced. eek.).

In the tasting room you can try samples of everything from regular ol’ Coke to Sprite (but none of the new funky Sprites. hmph) to a myriad of Fantas. Then you get to go into the tasting room with Coke products from around the world. Here you can try Passion Fruit soda from New Guinea and Watermelon soda from China. You can try Ginger beer and mandarin orange drink and various lemon-lime concoctions.

The most exciting of them all, though, is the inocuous sounding Beverly. Hailing from Italy, Beverly is labeled as a "bitter aperitif". We should have known something exciting was about to happen when all of the security guards/cleaning people began huddling around us while we filled our cups with Beverly. My sister was the first victim sampler. She promptly spit her sample back into her cup and made a dog hacking up a chunk of his lunch noise.

We all took three steps back from the Beverly dispenser.

Not to be outdone by my sister, I, too, sampled the Beverly. Jesusmaryjosephandthecamel. It starts off OK – a little sweet, maybe fruity… and then it finishes with the taste of thousands of crushed up imodium AD caplets. When the label says bitter, folks, it ain’t joking. Even chugging several cups of Passion Fruit soda afterward could hardly dull the bitter-induced heaves and hurls my tongue was experiencing.

Plainly, Beverly is nasty.

But it was great fun to try.

One thought on “

  1. Too frickin hilarious… I will think of this entry if ever I chance to meet a Beverly…
    Me: Beverly, why are you so bitter?
    Beverly: I’m Italian!
    Um… yeah…


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