surely it’s better
to have zero addictions
man, I miss the buzz

On a cool Fall morning like today I have to take a moment to mourn coffee. Oh, I miss it. Sometimes I miss it so much I think it might be worth a cup even if it means being sick for the rest of the day. Alas. Something about the caffeine and the acidity of the coffee really does me in. Even with decaf. So I drink my green tea, and it’s OK. But it’s not the same as coffee.

I’ve started a search for a coffee substitute, but I think it’s probably fruitless. There’s Postum and something called Teeccino. Google tells me there’s this stuff called Bambu that’s – I shit you not – made from acorns. Cafix sounds appetizing, too, doesn’t it? I could try chicory. I like a coffee and chicory mix, so maybe the chicory alone would be OK.

Or maybe I could just suck back three or four imodiums and hit Quacks.

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