a poke in the eye
good for getting attention
not good for seeing

Last night I got poked in the eye. And let me tell you, when someone says, "I’d take that over a poke in the eye," I can now vouch that pretty much anything is preferable to a poke in the eye. Dammit, that hurt.

It was an accident. My husband didn’t realize that, as he was sleeping, he went all Three Stooges and tried to blind me. But I couldn’t help feeling a little pissed. Even as I screamed out in pain, he didn’t wake up. Just a snore and some rolling over and I was left alone to cope with my wounded face.

But I’m not bitter. Oh, no. I’m sure that there have been plenty of times I’ve caused trouble with my cold feet. Except that cold feet and a poke in the eye really are different. I don’t know how those Stooges did it.

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