yo yo yo

almost november
fall has finally arrived
bustin’ out chili

It got cold! Overnight! We went to bed with the air-conditioner on and woke up freezing our asses off because it was 40 degress outside. Woo!

I know that inevitably (in, say, three or four weeks) I’ll be whining about it being too cold and dreary all the time, and I’ll be missing my shorts and tank tops. But for now I’m happy to see the cold weather. Just the idea that it was 94 on Friday and now it’s barely 60… well, there’s Texas weather for you.

Anyway, I’m sure this wins an award for the most boring post ever, and I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog lately… things are just crazy around the haikuoftheday household. Maybe if the part-time "Mommy’s helper" babysitter deal works out I’ll have more time to regale you with annoying rants and stories of poop.

Fingers crossed!

One thought on “

  1. Yaayyyy!!! Bring on the poop!
    Oh. Hang on. You do mean, you know;
    Suddenly I don’t think cheering was such a good idea.
    Oh well, it’ll get me in practice for next year, when there’ll be enough poop in my house for everyone…….


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