this is Halloween
a day where mommies unite
to steal chocolate

The wee one is napping right now – saving up energy to tromp around the neighborhood while impersonating his favorite space ranger. I would like to say that he’s looking forward to being Buzz Lightyear MORE than he’s looking forward to getting candy, but that’s unfortunately not true. He’s all about the candy this year. Well, that and carving the pumpkin.

I know, I know, we waited until the last minute for pumpkin carving, but that’s because it was so hot last week, our pumpkins rotted BEFORE we got to carve them and we had to toss them. Bummer. So I had to go buy fresher, non-rotten pumpkins yesterday.

Is this the most boring Halloween post ever?

Here’s something interesting:

A witch’s teat and pro-breastfeeding message all in one. Huzzah.


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