blast you darn google
I thought we had a good deal
but you are no help

Argh. There’s this hair cut place specifically for little kids. It’s down kind of near the mall, and suspiciously located next to an ice cream shop. The wee one is in desperate need of a hair cut and I’m even willing to pay an exorbitant amount for it, if he can sit on an airplane or a horsie or something while someone professional cuts his hair. But I want to know more about the place before we show up. And google is no help. The phone book is no help. I am vexed every way I turn. So I guess we’ll go do a drive-by. I just hate to walk in and either A) totally freak him out or B) suddenly find out that it’s gonna be like $40. Because when I say exorbitant, I mean like $15.

This is a lame post. But it’s about the most exciting thing happening today: hair cuts. Aren’t you happy to be filled in on the very minutiae of our lives?


Success! Well, by saying "success" I’m ignoring the part about having to wait 50 minutes for our turn, watching a mean little boy horde all 70,000 Thomas the Tank Engine train cars while his mother said NOTHING, listening to blowers because I guess the hair cut place’s bathroom exploded, watching a seriously unfriendly and OCD mom (grandma?) sign her kid in, leave, come back, get pissed because her kid got skipped BECAUSE HE WASN’T THERE, and then take it out on the hair cut lady by making her cut his hair like 4 times to get it exactly perfectly right. Oh, and I’m ignoring the part about the other mom who forced her maybe 18-month-old to get his haircut despite his continuous blood-curdling screaming and gagging sobs. Oh, and the part where there was only one hair stylist working. And the part where we’re probably getting Hepatitis from the legos.

But the wee one’s hair is cut. It looks pretty cute. It cost $16. He got to sit in a fire engine. It was followed up by a Swiss Chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone decorated with white icing and colorful sprinkles, which cost $3.88 and seemed wholly way, WAY expensive to me. I barely got change from a $5 bill for one ice cream cone! Am I old and ornery and cheap? Is this the going rate for ice cream? I could get a whole tub of Blue Bell for that. But the wee one was totally blissed out by it and he got ice cream on his nose and he kept grousing at me for touching his hair because he didn’t want me to mess it up and "make it go back the way it was." But now he looks like a little kid instead of a just barely post-toddler and I kind of wish we’d left the rats nest alone.

Next time we’re going to JCPenney’s hair salon. And buying a tub of Blue Bell. I would rather the wee one be mesmerized by all the hair salon commotion than be forced into watching Dora so that he keeps his head straight. I don’t know what I was thinking being sucked in to all that "a fun place for kids" crap. It’s just like that one time we went to Picture People and it SUCKED SO HARD and the pictures were all spotty and blurry. Places that are specfically created to be "a fun place for kids" are generally kind of run down, filled with vipers dressed like other children, and have exploded bathrooms.

Just an observation.

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  1. Rofl. Although I should have told you that our local Fantastic Sam’s has an airplane chair for the shorties.
    And yes, that’s the going rate for ice cream like that. I realized that my guy is taller than my armpit now…he’ll reach my shoulder soon.


  2. Alex got his hair cut twice at the salon that I use and screamed both times. The last time I had to hold him and we both nearly ended up in casualty!
    We then tried the place Tracey goes, with the same result. In the end Tracey took him when his friend had his hair cut at a “Gentlemans Barber” and he was fine, and has been ever since. He gets to sit on a grown-ups chair, with a booster, and even likes going now.
    I do suspect however, that the barbers knowledge of Thomas the Tank Engine, and the lolly that follows the cut may have some sway here……..


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