wrong, so wrong

razor thin patience
is not cool like that one phone
nor is it shiny

It is wrong that I want to pick up my dog and punt him over the backyard fence so that he can lick his butt in the trees amongst squirrels and other furry wildlife that annoy me but shouldn’t.

It is wrong that the only food I bought at the grocery store today was Carnival Food: corn dogs, frozen cheese pizza, tiny expensive water bottles, lemonade, etc.

It is wrong that I yelled at the wee one for "trying to help" while at said grocery store. Though, in my defense, his "trying to help" included overhanding a glass bottle of chocolate milk onto the conveyor belt at checkout so hard that it rolled right off the edge and exploded into a million, tiny, glassy chocolate pieces on the floor.

It is wrong that it’s 9:35pm and I am so tired that I feel guilty for still being awake.

It is wrong that my only plans for tomorrow include going to Target to buy myself extra soft, long-sleeved sleepwear shirts to wear as real clothes.

It is wrong that I got, like 400 pages into a book I really like and then the protagonist’s wife had 6 miscarriages and I don’t think I can finish the book even though there are only a handful of pages left and I should just suck it up.

It is wrong that when I made rice krispie treats today, the smell of the melting butter made me gag a little bit.

That is all.

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