oceans of own slime
drown your tongue in crashing waves
this is fucking gross

I am so out of it. And as soon as I seem to be feeling a little better I have to go spit. Why? Because I’m having a problem with excess saliva. Who knew this was a pregnancy thing? It’s disgusting. My mouth is constantly filled with gobs of spit, that if I swallow, I gag on. Nice, huh? TMI? Too bad. My only hope is spitting like a baseball champ. I spit in the trash, in the sink, in napkins, paper towels, even once on the pavement in the Target parking lot. The wee one was tres impressed.

Right now I’m trying Jolly Ranchers to see if that helps. It at least flavors the Spit of Doom. Other than that, I have no way to fix it. My doctor helpfully suggested carrying around a spit cup. That sounds like the fabulous new accessory every attractive woman needs.

Urgh. So if I’m not blogging a lot lately, it’s because I’m trying not to drown in my saliva, or at least hork it all back up.

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