santa sighting: done
presents bought: almost all done
driven crazy: done

Sorry for that lame-ass haiku. I’m out of practice. I was going to spend forever and ever writing a terribly clever post but then I remembered I was supposed to go drop off my car at the mechanic’s at like 7:30 and it’s now just after 10 and I hope I won’t be in trouble and that they have not given away my loaner car, though if they have, I completely deserve it.

So, briefly:

Had the stomach flu or food poisoning or something. It sucked big time. Almost had to go to the hospital because I couldn’t get my fever down and even though 101.7 doesn’t sound bad, it is apparently tres bad if you are preggers. I’m better now, though, knock on wood, and have even started eating certain foods again. Yay!

Also, the wee one visited with Santa at the mall and requested both a tractor and a crane which was very shocking as I have it straight from Santa’s mouth that the wee one’s presents are all amassed and though they include an embarrassing amount of things, they do NOT include either of those requested items. Damn. Also, also, we had to wait in line for an hour and half to see Santa. What joyous fun that was.

There’s more, but I gots to run. Please, volvo man, be nice to me.

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