snot burn

cute rosy red cheeks
not from sun, wind, excitement
but backhand snot wipes

Man. The wee one has a cold. It’s not really a bad one, except for the hacking when he tries to sleep, but it is causing a bit of trouble with his face.

I just can’t get him to stop the Backhanded Snot Wipe. I realize it’s faster and easier than tracking down a pesky Kleenex, but his poor little cheeks are swiped raw. I lovingly refer to this as Snot Burn. And I guess that must be unique, because I get a lot of weird looks from people when they sing-song "It looks like someones had too much sun!" and I cheerily say "Nope, just snot burn!"

So we’ve been struggling with snot burn for a few days, but I think we will make it through this rough patch. Ba dum bum.

In other exciting news, the dog has stopped shitting on the carpet. Thanks, Santa!

In other, other exciting news, I have not mailed out any Christmas cards, except to my agent and my editor. This does not mean I value my family and friends less. Or maybe it does. Also, I’ve been wondering if, when I finally do send out late Christmas cards, maybe I should send one of those obnoxious Christmas letters. We have had a pretty exciting year, and there are lots of things I’d like to brag about. But then again, I don’t want people rolling their eyes when they get yet another letter stuffed in a Christmas card. Of course, maybe people like Christmas letters and I am just a cynical Scrooge. Either way, I can’t decide whether to do it or not.

In other, other, other not-so-exciting news, the wee one is watching way too much TV lately and I think we’re spiraling out of control. It’s because I’m so exhausted and nauseated most of the time I can’t imagine trying to drive to the playground. And the house is a disaster so I can imagine even less having someone come over to play because they might possibly catch the Ebola virus from one of the bathrooms. So the wee one is watching too much TV, and bouncing off the walls, and it is not cool. I can only hope my energy returns soon so that all of his smartness isn’t completely erased by repeated viewings of the same Blues Clues.

Also, I got my haircut. It looks like this. Very gray and not quite as uniquely sexy as I had planned. Hmph.

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