do this thing right now:
back up all your pictures, files
before it’s too late

I’ve hijacked a computer so that you can all share in my grief: my ibook, which isn’t even a year old, has died. In a few days I will be stuffing it into a box and mailing it to Apple so that they can fix it (thank god for AppleCare) and then in 7-10 business days I will hopefully have it back good as new.

The problem?

The last time I backed up my files, my pictures, etc….?


I did manage to spend THREE FREAKIN HOURS at the Apple Store on the day after Christmas (a level of hell in and of itself) using their magic tools to back up some stuff to my ipod, but for some reason, many many photos – most of the cute ones, actually – refused to cooperate. So they’re gone now. Not backed up, erased. Sigh. The wee one’s third birthday party, vacation pictures… ugh. It makes me crazy that I was too lazy to get that stuff backed up a couple of week’s ago when I had a premonition.

Oh, well. Wish me luck for the next 7-10 days that the ibook can be fixed. Until then I will be stealing time on other people’s computers and maybe borrowing a really, really old mac from my husband’s office, which will be quite entertaining.

I hope you all had a great holiday, and when I’m feeling not quite as grief-y, I’ll tell you all about how we had a successful Christmas with no throwing up at all!

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  1. oh apple. i have a powerbook that i bought for school 3 years ago and my insurance company has spent over $2000 in repairs and finally they replaced it for free. apple repairs are fun and the line for the apple repair guys (or genius’ they call them there)at the store is also very fun.


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