a cloudy Monday
time slows down, as do bowels
not really ha ha

We are once again dealing with snot burn, here in the haikuoftheday family. But it doesn’t seem too bad, and I found this really, really old Mary Kay stuff that I have that is basically like rubbing candle wax on your face. It’s working wonders for the wee one’s pink cheek patch of snot burn. Of course, he may end up being the first three-year-old with blackheads. We’ll see.

Hey guess what? We have a frog! And a Black Mollie! We just introduced them to the Red Platy and the Blue Guppy Thing. It’s all very exciting and nothing has tried to eat anything else yet, and they all survived the night! This may sound boring to you, but it is quite thrilling, actually.

Speaking of thrilling… Golden Globes anyone? I know it’s not as prestigious as the Emmy’s or Oscars or SAG awards or, really, anything, but it’s the awards show where everyone gets hammered and so that’s fun. At least for the first 7 and a half hours.

I wrote a long thing with Globe picks over at the curlyhairedTVdork blog. And, look, you can go to the Austin360 TV page and click straight through to the blog. Well, as long as I keep it updated you can. That’s cool.

And I watched 24 last night. Except for the last ten minutes of the second hour because the TiVo stopped recording because the football game went long and I KNEW I should’ve added extra time and just forgone recording Grey’s Anatomy, but I was lazy and now I don’t know who the mole is. Is there a Golden Globe for run-on sentences? Cause I just won it.

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  1. If I tried to feel Scarlet Johansen’s (sp?) boobs, I would have a lawsuit against me. But a gay fashion reporter can go it and get away with it? Double double standard.


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