not necessarily bad
but kind of stealthy

The wee one is being indoctrinated into Christianity, which, as long as we keep him centered and answer his questions and keep him away from zealots, is fine. He’s all into Veggie Tales now, and thanks to his mother’s day out pre-school deal, he’s singing all these religious songs.

He definitely puts his own stamp on things, though. Yesterday he was singing something  about "crazy lord" and I asked what he was singing and he said it was the "crazy lord hallelujah song." So I’m guessing it’s really "Praise the Lord." If he interprets it as crazy lord, though, more power to him.

And, again, in the car today he was singing, "The tea is weak but he is strong." I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be "We are weak but He is strong," but, again, I dig the interpretation, so carry on, wee one’s creative mind.

Not 100% digging the Veggie Tales, though. Especially the movie. It’s bogging down in oppressive preachiness, but it’s disguised with colorful cucumbers and turbaned asparagus and funny accents. I wonder what Pat Robertson says about Veggie Tales?

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  1. Even if I found the Veggie Tales’ messages to be hunky dory, they’d still be creepy, though.
    My MDO program sounds similar, maybe even more laid back, because the most we’ve ever seen at home is grace before dinner; being being thankful for your food is not a bad thing, actually.


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