typo, etc.

boob-grabbing not cool
even if you’re tacky, gay
yet I will exploit

OK. For everyone who is googling "Scarlett Johansen" and "boobs" yes, I spelled her name wrong in a post long ago, and that’s why you’re being sent here. No, I did not talk about her breasts. Or at least I don’t think I did.

If, in fact, you’re actually searching for the horrifying moment when Issac Mizrahi groped her during the red carpet melee of the Golden Globes, then take a look here and you can see the horror for yourself.

I get that she’s a movie star and he was trying to make TV "exciting" or whatever, but still. Someone slap that dude. Even raging E! gay guys should know better than to touch stranger’s bathing suit areas.

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