I’m totally serious

it will be here soon
chocolate would be OK
NASA stuff, better

I’m completely serious here. If anyone out there wants to get me something special for Valentine’s Day, here’s my spiel on the most bad ass stuff in the world. Who needs heart-shaped boxes full of chocolate when you could have a heart-shaped box filled with 99.8% air?! Rad.

2 thoughts on “

  1. I’m not sure what I would do with it, but I so want some of that Aerogel.
    Oh, and my sister just moved to Austin from Portland, OR, so I hope you Texans are nice…
    Hook ’em Horns, right?


  2. Heck yeah, we Texans are nice. Well, some of us. OK, not all of us.
    But Austin is great. The people are friendly, the music is fun, the hills are beautiful, the food is extraordinary, and it’s never ever cold. And our football team is swell. And our airport only has one concourse. And the Harry Ransom Center has the first photograph ever taken.


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