cover art!

really happening
an actual book to buy
many copies of

Hey! I’m shilling for the book again – the cover art is finally up over at Amazon! It says the book is coming out on May 31st (the wee one’s birthday!). But I have it on authority that it will be in stores before that, so you all know what you can get your mamas for Mother’s Day.

Also, if you want to support the publisher, you can go directly to their web site – they have a whole page with cover art and blurb and everything (but you can’t pre-order on their site. Not that you have to. I’m just saying). I guess I should stop feeling weird about shilling for the book and just get comfortable with constantly harassing everyone I know to buy it.

Yay! Book!

Also, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t, the other book is still out there being shopping around to various publishers. We’re having a lot of luck finding editors that love it enough to want me to rewrite the whole thing, but no one who loves it enough to actually want to publish it after the rewrites. Which, as you can probably guess, is eternally frustrating. It’s good in that editors are reading it and liking it… it’s bad in that no one has liked it enough to sign any contracts. So we soldier on, The New York Agent and I, and I feel lucky to be getting this far, to have gotten this far, but… but… but…

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  1. I work right next to a Barnes and Noble, so will ask them when they are getting it, and will pick one- or more!- up when it comes out! And don’t worry so much, if I had a book actually published, I’d be bragging about it and bugging people to buy it too! It’s only natural…oh, and I’m sure you’ve said, but is the other book haiku too? or something else?


  2. I’ve had your book on order since before christmas. Amazon say that it will be released here in the uk at the same time it comes out in the states. Can’t wait!
    Oh yeah, and as an aside….. my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on monday 30th after just 1h 55mins of contractions. He came so quickly we had only just made it to the hospital. We have called him Owen.


  3. Roger! That is wonderful news! Your wife is a miracle of nature. And Owen is a fantastic name. Congratulations! How is the big brother doing?


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