We have a vagina!

ultrasound confirms
definite lack of penis
hope she likes boy clothes!

Oh man. I’m excited and freaked all at once. Just when I thought I had a handle on this little boy thing…. eeek!

6 thoughts on “We have a vagina!

  1. Congratulations!! Girls are awesome. Boys, too, of course, I just don’t have any experience with them.
    I wore boys clothes often when I was little- my mom was a hippie and didn’t like frilly things. So in my childhood pictures, it looks like my mom had twins…sometimes there was a toddler boy in the picture, sometimes a girl! Stick a cute barrette in her hair, and she’ll look adorable. I hate those head-band things people put on their girl babies though. Not sure why, but I do.


  2. Congratulations! Now you will have one of each, and a very protective older brother. You won’t have to keep her from dating, the Wee One will…heehee.


  3. Yay! Kate did fine with the mostly boys clothes (you are sure to get some girly things as gifts) and is just now starting to have an opinion (at almost 4). Woe be to you if she turns out to be a serious girly-girl, though. 😉


  4. hehe Congrats on the lack of penis! If she does turn out to be a tomboy, both the Wee One and you (the parentals) will have thier hands full once the guys realize she’s not just one of the guys.
    Oh wait. Bet you don’t want to think about that part yet, huh?


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