emerging from the rabbit hole

breathing is so nice
not overrated at all
and it’s healthy too!

In my attempt to use every prescription medicine known to man while I’m pregnant, I have now entered into the world of Albuterol inhalers. With a spacer for maximum bronchial happiness.

Because of the Virus That Won’t Die, last week I had an exciting few days of not breathing. I am now enjoying an exciting week of inhaled steroid-induced rage attacks. Fun for the whole family!

Just a few days ago I pelted the dog with the Benadryl tablets he refused to take, and then I almost, almost, shoved them up his butt so he could lick them out and at least get a time-release version of his meds.

Since then I’m learning to calm the rages and to try to not have breathing problems that require the inhaler before I drive. I have normal, non medicine-induced rage when driving, so the added insult of steroids could turn me into a full-on pregnant sociopath on wheels.

I hope that my rage (and all the evil drugs I’ve taken in the past few weeks) aren’t harming my tiny girl. The doctors assure me all is safe. But Jekyll and Hyding all day doesn’t seem like the best way to grow a baby.

Oh, and as an interesting side note, the Typepad spell check tried to replace "Albuterol" with "Albatross." Albatross, indeed.

Now stop reading this before I kick your ass.

One thought on “emerging from the rabbit hole

  1. “Now stop reading this before I kick your ass.”
    HAHAHAHAHA …you kill me!!
    Wait, I meant: “Please don’t kill me!!”
    🙂 Joy


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