seven years of this
and he still puts up with me
and does the laundry

Seven years ago at this very moment I was at the beauty parlor getting a mess of tiny flowers practically surgically attached to my curls. And then a few hours later I was at a small white church, standing in front of friends and family with the man I love, waiting for a train whistle to stop so we could hear our vows.

And now here we are. Today will be a fairly uneventful anniversary – he’s working, I’m at home with the wee one, feeling grumpy because of the cold, and I already know I’m going to be too tired to cook a fancy dinner tonight. But I did (shhh!) buy us tickets to the Coldplay concert in Dallas next weekend. And I did (shhh!) book us a night at a shmancy hotel next weekend. So nice dinner be damned, I have good plans up my sleeve.

I’ll be happy if we can just sit together tonight and reflect on everything we’ve done in seven years – the magnificence of the wee one, a nice house with colorful walls, the Gestator, not strangling the dog, not strangling each other. We’ve done well. And I love him so much. Almost as much as Coldplay, even.

3 thoughts on “copper-wool

  1. coming out of the world of lurkers to say happy anniversary and enjoy the coldplay show! so jealous!! i met you a couple summers ago at tanglewood during a playgroup one friday morn. ours sons are about the same age, yours being a couple years ahead of mine in the speech department, i admit i had a tinge of mama insecurity about my boy when i heard yours talk in such full sentences. we are now in speech therapy and making great strides! congrats on the gestator!!


  2. Hey Angela! Welcome out of lurkerdom. Glad to hear your son is doing well. One of these days the wee one and I need to get back out to a playgroup. We tend to lurk in real life, which is not nearly as cool (or socially accepted) as lurking online. heh.


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