Lessons in Purple

teaching dinosaur
I had some of those in school
they reused lunch foil

Barney. They say you either love him or hate him. I can’t really say either. He’s not my favorite, with the simpering smile and condescending tone. Yet… I have to say his songs are catchy. And they teach things.

The wee one loves to sing the "Clean up" song, and for that I’m grateful. We sing the "Look Both Ways When You Cross The Street" song together, too. And, of course, who couldn’t love, "F-I-R-E… T-R-U-C-K!"

I was just thinking that maybe there should be a Barney for the young-ish adult, hipster set. Barney could have a handlebar moustache and some aviator glasses. He could sing about "Truck-er Hats Are So Last Year" and "Par-is Hilton Is Not A Role Model." Or maybe, "Break up, break up, it’s not nice to use your phone…" or "Look both ways when you cut off a pregnant lady with your rental car and she flips you off." (That one needs a little lyrical help, but you get the idea.)

He would wear "vintage" t-shirts that say things like "dikfore" and "fo schizzle" and he would wander around SXSW venues talking loudly on his cell phone about facial hair maintenance and masking coffee breath.

I, personally, would like to suggest that Barney (for kids or hipsters, I don’t care) create a song much like the "F-I-R-E… T-R-U-C-K" song, that instead spells out "D-O-U-G… H-N-U-T-S." I know it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily, and it could confuse people briefly ("Doug  Huh-nuts?") but then they would get it and we could all sing about sugary confection together.

Maybe I should go poll the SXSW crowds and see what they think.

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