all about me

ah, publicity
a magical elixir
for growing ego

The Haiku Mama site is live! (or you can go to It contains possibly the longest bio ever written, and a picture of my fat belly.

Let me know what you think. And, seriously, if the bio is too long, send me an email and say, "girl, get over yourself."

I may or may not listen.

3 thoughts on “all about me

  1. It’s a wonderful Bio! Sam is a darling, and it sure looks like he’s excited about the new little one! I’m still waiting for the book store to call me to tell me the book is in…


  2. I just got the book! And read it all…very addicting…one of my favorites is the one about cashmere and vomit! Also, on a more ego-centric note, even though I realize it was not to me, seeing “thanks to all the people who read my blog” was thrilling…”hey! That’s me! I read her blog!” 🙂
    Excellent book.


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