don’t take your love to town

Rudy Huxtable
your iconic chipmunk cheeks
cannot be outgrown

For some reason, while I was falling asleep last night I kept thinking about Rudy Huxtable. I’m only three years older than Ms. Pulliam and yet I feel this fierce protection for Rudy and all of her endeavors. The idea of Rudy in grown-up movies is possibly more disturbing than the idea of Natalie Portman in grown-up movies. It’s kind of weird how famous people stop aging in your mind – much like the cousins you don’t see a lot. They just sort of max out at 8-years-old and you can never get past it.

Anyway, I remember sitting at the TV, watching the Cosby Show credits roll and thinking how exotic it was to have a hyphen in one’s name and how lucky Rudy was to have such a fun staircase to run up and down.

But now when I think of Rudy I feel old. And that’s weird because I AM NOT THAT MUCH OLDER THAN HER. Yet, things like this totally freak me out. I guess I shouldn’t be freaked out. One cannot actually BE 8-years-old forever. But still. How can Keshia Knight-Pulliam being 26 make me feel like I’m 89? And even more importantly, what would Claire say about that picture?

2 thoughts on “don’t take your love to town

  1. Maybe I should have said Natalie Portman in stripper movies. Or AS a grown-up in movies. She’s always been the precocious youngster, you know? But when she changes to conflicted adult with love scenes it freaks me out.
    So there.


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