Easter haiku

secret easter tryst
in dark closet, exploring
stolen bunny cake

easter day madness
non-stop talking, darting eyes
j. beans laced with meth?

pink spiral slices
ignore all Wilbur questions
eat very quickly

very many dyes
very, very many eggs
that no one will eat

helpful note for you:
deformed, trunk-melted bunny
is traumatizing

One thought on “Easter haiku

  1. Hi Kari, it sounds like either you or the wee one need to take it easy on the easter eggs there. I’ve only just finished eating the birthday cakes, so going straight into choccy egg overload is rather daunting, but we have all been taking it easy and I expect the eggs to last at least another week(ish).
    We did negotiate with other family members that perhaps a little toy or other pressie might be better than a dozen eggs, and this has both eased the overload and provided a few lovely playthings. If you can agree this for next year it might help, after all, a toy will last longer than an egg.
    Of course if the eggs are for you, fight to maintain that supply with all your strength.
    I did!


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