mama speak

it’s much like shorthand
only, you know, not written
mamas on the phone

It’s Friday. It hasn’t been a particularly crazy week, really, but even so, it’s Friday. I called a friend of mine today to see if she wanted to gather up her kiddos and meet me and the Wee One for lunch. Our conversation went something like this:

*begin phone call*

FRIEND: Hello?
ME: Hey, it’s me. You wanna
ME: Me too
[random children noises on both ends of the conversation]
ME: Can we go to the place with the [get your finger out of your butt] uh, with the… food?
FRIEND: [I don’t know where the glue is honey] Sure. Food.
ME: You wanna
FRIEND: Let’s go now
ME: Yay [don’t touch the TV screen] Now. Food. [Please don’t put your sock in your mouth]
ME: If we get there first you want me to order you a
ME: Great [well then, GO POTTY]
ME: You soon! [Please don’t do tha—–]

*end phone call*

End of the week playdates and cheeseburgers…. Saving sanity one mama at a time.

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