couple of things

some more horn tooting
or, we could say "marketing"
sure, yeah, let’s say that

There’s a review of Haiku Mama up on the Seattle Times site. And there’s an interview that was written for the Houston Chronicle and picked up by a couple of different papers. I never did actually see the interview in the Houston paper, though. (At the end, there’s a Brad and Angelina baby thing – and I meant it as a joke. It kind of doesn’t come off that way. But really. I was joking.)

Also, if I’m brave enough (and if I can find the camera USB cord) I might post some pictures from the signings. My hair is very short and my belly is very large, though, so I will continue to ponder.

This was the most boring, self-centered post ever, wasn’t it? Ah, well.

3 thoughts on “couple of things

  1. I wanted to let you know that I saw your book at the FRONT of Barnes and Noble on DISPLAY! I picked up a copy for me and my very pregnant sister.
    I read your blog religiously (I worship at the Kari temple!), and you make my day a little snarkier and a lot brighter.
    Good luck with your soon-to-be Fresh One and the Wee One! Don’t be too busy that you forget to post 🙂


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