Porcupine cake!

quickly assembled
porcupine cake tastes quite good
and not too stabby

The Wee One’s birthday is in just less than two weeks, and because we’ve (well, I’ve) decided to not have gabillion kids at his birthday party, we brought a cake to school today so they could celebrate during snack time. Conveniently, it was also the last day of school, so we celebrated that, too. (Do parents really celebrate the last day of school? It’s more a porcupine cake of mourning. I jest, of course. Not really.)

Anyway, the Wee One woke up with a spectacular hairdo this morning. It totally matched his cake and I couldn’t resist recording it for posterity. So here you go:

The Wee One and the Porcupine Cake… Separated at Birth
(Click on the pic for a ginormous version)


5 thoughts on “Porcupine cake!

  1. I love how the colors in your kitchen are the same as the colors in your blog… That’s gotta have some symbolism… or something. 🙂


  2. Never fear, now that Newman eats $100 bills, he just cleans out his breakfast bowl extra fast.
    I never noticed the paint in the kitchen matched the blog. That is probably symbolic of lack of creativity. Ha. I’m glad y’all like the color. I LOVE it, but have been told if we ever want to sell the house we’ll have to paint over it. Hmph.


  3. I just want to say that I wish I was creative and on the ball as you are! My son’s birthday is coming up at the end of September and I already need to start thinking about it… I am SO not creative…


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