t-ball blues

an experiment
and now we have our answer
tee ball – not for us

For anyone looking for a well-organized, affordable entry into baseball for their kiddo, I highly suggest AVOIDING the Leander/Cedar Park Youth League AS IF IT WERE THE BIRD FLU.

If you remember, we were doing the "no rain" dance around here a few weeks ago so that the Wee One’s last tee ball game and trophy ceremony wouldn’t be canceled. Alas, our dance didn’t do the trick and there were storms all night. The game was canceled and supposedly never rescheduled. I was told (after contacting the "commissioner") to wait to hear from our coach about when the closing ceremonies would be held.

I found out TODAY that closing ceremonies were held on the 14th. NO ONE CALLED. NO ONE EMAILED. No one made any attempt to contact us and let us know.

Now, I realize that most of the other kids on the Wee One’s team have older siblings in the league and thus are somehow privy to important and yet secret information like WHEN THE SEASON EFFING ENDS, but come on. Should we be penalized because we don’t have an older child playing? Is it my responsibility to hound the coach and leave a cell phone message every single day until I hear what’s going on? I thought the coach and/or the "team mom" were in charge of letting parents know what was going on. Silly me.

Now the wee one has no closure. And that sounds a bit ridiculous, I know, but he doesn’t understand why tee ball is spontaneously over. He was expecting at least a trophy. And so was I. I guess I’ll have to waddle myself down there and raise holy hell so he can get his trophy and I can let them know just how poorly organized their "league" is.

I’m pissed, because we liked the coach (when he bothered to tell us what was going on) and we enjoyed the games (that we knew about), and we really liked the quality of the Wee One’s snazzy tee ball cap. Was this "half-season" worth $75, plus the cost of a bat, a glove, pants, etc.? I don’t think so.

You suck, Leander/Cedar Park Youth League.

You suck big, sweaty donkey balls.

And you owe us a trophy.

7 thoughts on “t-ball blues

  1. A T-Ball oversight raises your wrath to fever-pitch levels? There’s something very wrong bouncing around between your ears, lady.
    Paranoia, vengeance, intolerance, selfishness… all wonderful traits which you are imparting to that child of yours. Congrats!
    You have much to learn about life. It might be best to avoid blogging, or writing at all, until you grasp some of the more basic tenets of being a responsible, positive contributing member of society.
    If I were down there on your level, and you were in my employ, I would terminate you upon the first mistake committed… just as you have dismissed the local T-ball organization.
    “Dammit,” “effing,” and more demonstrates your true colors and thought processes. Classless, truly classless.
    Don’t fix the blame,
    Fix the problem.
    p.s. – I’ve already copied your blog entries, and will be forwarding to Random House with a note that rewarding a person possessing such low standards of communication and behavior with a publishing deal is inappropriate, in my opinion.
    Have a nice day! 🙂


  2. …that he who takes that sickeningly smug, self-righteous attitude — at least as “classless,” perhaps more so, as the things you’re calling out — ought not to cast the first stone.


  3. “Paranoia, vengeance, intolerance, selfishness…”
    Does anyone else see the outrageously ridiculous irony here?
    I am guessing that Danny Boy is employed by/heavily involved with said T-Ball league. He is certainly not a parent, and thus cannot understand the importance of such an event in a child’s life. He sounds like a keep-off-the-grass-you-damn-kids kind of guy. I do hope he gets help for whatever painful issues he is dealing with.
    If I were you, I’d invite neighbors, friends, cousins, the mailman, etc. etc….and have a ceremony for your little slugger. Present him with a trophy, give a speech about his banner season, throw confetti, sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”. It will probably be the best season-ending ceremony he ever has.
    This is my first time here…I just bought your book and wanted to check out your site!
    Have a nice day! 🙂 (wink wink)


  4. Wow, Dan, chill out.
    Seriously, if it bothers you that much that she wrote this, why are you sitting reading it?
    She (gasp!) SWORE! because us moms, we never swear. nope. not us. never.


  5. Hee hee hee!
    We should send a note to Random House thanking them for promoting entertainment for the classless majority 🙂


  6. Dan sucks big, sweaty donkey balls.
    Just kidding. Glad I came across this blog though. Found this page while trying to find *some* *kind* of information about a local (cedar park/ leander) tee ball team for my son.
    Maybe we’ll opt for karate instead.


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