had a super time
though public speaking is hard
and makes me turn red

The signing at BookPeople went really well last night – thanks to everyone who showed up! Your support and encouragement and smiles and snazzy slings make me a happy person.

The reading was really fun, though I wish I had practiced. I didn’t think about how LONG it has been since I’ve done any public speaking. Eesh. I don’t really mind talking in front of groups, but I don’t like stuttering and turning blotchy. That seems to be a new thing in my repertoire.

Afterwards, I actually asked the nice BookPeople event facilitator, "Did I project? I was in drama in high school!" [insert head slap here] How does one manage to bring up high school at such inopportune moments? Ha. What a dork.

Anyway, it was really, really great fun and now I am thinking of just stalking the bookstore and trying to recruit people to come sit with me, kum-ba-ya style on the floor while I regale them with self-centered stories about why snot haiku is critical for a mother’s self-esteem. Fun!

Now I am off to gather supplies for the Wee One’s birthday party tomorrow. If I got luster dust to make a silver robot cake would that mean every kid at the party would still have silver innards when they turn 40? (oh, the tenses in that sentence.) I’m skeptical about metallic things you can supposedly eat. But a silver robot cake sure would look rad.

silver robot cake
carcinogenic, or fun?
difficult toss up

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