sweet baby girl

call her wee-er one?
we need a good blog nickname
for my sweet baby


12 thoughts on “sweet baby girl

  1. call her “cute one”…so you will have wee one and cute one, not that the wee one ISNT cute, because he certainly is


  2. I vote JAG. Just Absolutely Gorgeous. The cheeks are killing me, she’s like a cherub. Congratulations and job well done, mama!


  3. The Cheeky One?
    She’s beautiful! I love love love the little ones when they are wrapped up like that and all mooshed against you. Ahh… so sweet! Enjoy! Congratulations! 🙂


  4. I missed the day!!!! And what a beautiful little girl to miss on her first blogging announcement.
    Congratulations all round, and I hope the wee one is proud of his new sister and looks after her with you.


  5. I suggest Peach, or something associated with Georgia, or something like Lil, for lil’ one… you know… well I’m awful at this so you don’t even have to finish reading this. She is just so cute!


  6. Have loved your site since I was given Haiku Mama by a friend. We call our second child (now 6 months) “Peanut,” “Turnipseed,” and “Butterbean” because–well–we’re from Alabama.
    Congrats on the baby, she is lovely. And the clicks will pass. But get ready for lots of poopy jokes when the Wee One turns 5. I know, I am queen of poopyland.


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