boo to evil viruses!

why now why now, why?
stupid virus invades house
panics tired mama

So the wee one has a virus. High fever, sore throat, the works. He went to the doc this morning because we thought it was strep, but it’s not – yay! Actually, yay for the wee one, but boo for the wee-er one. She’s too little to get strep according to the doc, but this virus is fair game for all. Sigh. She’s 13 days old – a fever would not be cool (literally and figuratively).

I have, of course, prepared myself for her inevitable spinal tap and meningitis, because I’m tired and panicky. She’s happy and sleeping and feeling fine right now (knock on wood) but I’m so worried I could spit.

And the poor wee one feels so bad – his throat hurts, he can’t kiss on his sister… And, of course I feel bad because I’m not cuddling with him as much as I should be because I don’t want to spread around the funk.

Hopefully breast milk and antibodies and hand sanitizer and Lysol will keep more germies at bay. Ugh. I am normally a very confident mama who is prone to panicking about her own health, but not about her kids.

New territory, this. I don’t like it.

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