hoo boy, it’s bath time

she smells like Combos
a strong and sharp cheesy scent
I retch lovingly

A few days ago we cleaned up the newest haiku of the day family member and she shined up real nice.  She was still pretty new then, though, so she hadn’t had time to really accumulate much filth.

Fast forward a few more days and whew. We have ourselves a rank little baby. At first I didn’t realize she was the stinker. I just kept wondering why that smell of Combos was following me around everywhere. Then I braved a sniff of her neck and, uh, yeah. Apparently projectile spit up does manage to still somehow settle into one’s neck crevices. And we won’t even talk about those wrinkles and folds where the legs attach to the body. Lordy.

So a bath is in store for this evening. I’m sure you’re all enlightened to find this out. But give me a little while to get over my new mommy smitten-ness and we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled rants about stupid things.

And, update! The wee one is doing much better today (unless I just jinxed it). He won’t stop jumping on the couch, and the whole "stay five feet away from the baby" rule that the pediatrician suggested is getting harder and harder to enforce. He’s almost himself again. And, yes, he needs a bath, too.

One thought on “hoo boy, it’s bath time

  1. Oh congrats to you! Mine is four months now. I have had the same experience. mystery smell, whiff of the baby, mystery solved. Heres a good one. make sure you get the folds behind her ear really good. i found a big wad of something back ther and it was terrifying. Gross too. I thought i was cleaning good back there but there it was. You can imagine my dismay.


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