Let’s put our addiction to good use!

reading and writing
are easier to do with
things like books, pencils

OK. So I’ve been thinking about this whole "I want to go to Office Depot and roll around in all of their spiral notebooks" problem I have. I’ve decided that instead of going somewhere and spending a boatload of money on school supplies for myself, I will spend a tiny bit of money on school supplies for myself (just to feed the beast, you know) and the rest I will donate to a couple of Texas classrooms who really, really need the help.

I’ve spent the evening reading through so many proposals that teachers have posted on Donorschoose.org, and really, it’s overwhelming. The fact that teachers have to go online and beg for basic supplies – pencils, notebooks, etc. – because there isn’t funding for it, breaks my heart. So, my fellow blog readers and writers, let’s do something about it. All we need to do is to raise $267.18 and we can buy three sets of novels for a 4th grade classroom in Brownsville. Books like Ramona Quimby: Age 8!

We can help do this. Can’t we?

Click on the "donors choose" button to the left and you can see more about the proposal I’ve chosen. God knows I want to choose more. There are teachers who need books to send home with their pre-K kids because the kids’ families don’t own any books to read to them… teachers who need money for construction paper… it’s crazy.

But maybe we can make a difference. Together we can raise a little money for these kids, can’t we? It’s money we’d all spend on new staplers we don’t really need anyway, right?

Come on, we have until September 30th to raise $267.18 (and if we do that, maybe we can also raise another $200 to buy supplies for a 10th grade creative writing class).

Who’s with me?

4 thoughts on “Let’s put our addiction to good use!

  1. Hey Miss – I went to do this but it says “Please complete the form below with all required * fields for the honoree of this donation.” and uh, whah? I think that is you? Heck, I don’t know. I’ll check back, k?


  2. Hmmm … i did the same thing, but I was zooming through and just read it as a sort of “in honor of” type of thing, so I just put my kid’s name … dagnabbit, I hope I didn’t do it wrong. And it’s not showing up yet … but maybe that’s because I did it as a pay by check (too lazy to get up and get my CC)
    Oh, and by the way – THIS FREAKING ROCKS.
    Another great “back to school” donation kind of thing is the Operation School Bell program through the Assitance League. My mom volunteers with AL here in Austin, and helped with the OSB this year. She took me up there and showed me around and described how cool it was to help kids – some of whom had never had a truly “new” pair of jeans before – get to “shop” the racks. It was so freaking cool. They get sets of clothes, new backpacks, grooming products – it’s totally cool.


  3. Hey, Jenny—
    I think this might be the name the teacher sees when she sees the final donation? Like she’ll get a list of names of the people who helped fund the project.
    Either that, or, because this is set up under my name and this blog, you are technically donating “under my name” and so this is an area for you to claim glory for yourself? 🙂
    Does that sound right? I’m so tired, my brain has stopped functioning.
    Also, Rachael’s donation shows up when you click the thermometer on the left over there, it just doesn’t show up on the actual thermometer. not sure why. But, Rachael, your donation seems to have gone through, so rock on!


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