She’s eeeeevil

morons on parade
I would laugh at them if it
didn’t make me sad

I saw a pick-up truck today with a bumper sticker that said, "I’ll forgive Jane Fonda when the Jews forgive Hitler."


I totally forgot that Jane Fonda was guilty of performing medical experiments on live human subjects all while she systematically exterminated 6 million people. Man. What a bitch.

5 thoughts on “She’s eeeeevil

  1. Oh Kari, I wish you’d done your homework on this one. For those of us whose friends and family include men who were tortured by the North Vietnamese, Jane Fonda is an evil bitch. Clearly she’s not Hitler, but at the least she was young and stupid and at the worst she was a traitor. Go chat up a vet – particularly a Navy vet – and you’ll get a real earful.


  2. Hey, kbh, I mean no disrespect to vets, POWs or their friends and families. My point is less about Jane Fonda and more about politics in general.
    I’m not trying to say Jane Fonda is without controversy. I just don’t think she’s an apples to apples comparison to Hitler, that’s all. And even though it’s just a silly bumper sticker, this kind of hyperbole helps feed the vitriol that makes politics so divisive these days.


  3. Within the past few years, Bush has been compared to Hitler by some left wing kooks. And just last week, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, spoke at the United Nations in NEW YORK, USA, and called Bush “el diablo”, the devil.
    Bush is in no way comparable Hitler, not does Bush walk around with a pitchfork and condem souls to eternal damnation.
    Hyperbole that helps feed the vitriol that makes politics so divisive these days comes from BOTH sides of the political isle.


  4. hahahaha, Token conservative, I know you so well.
    As I was writing my comment this morning I thought, “Ooh, that Token Conservative is going to reply that both sides are equally poisonous.” And I just want to say I never said the other side is all roses and daisies. Though if you buy me a margarita and get me talking, I make no promises…. 🙂


  5. I take your point that vitriol and divisiveness serve no one, but then why call the owners of said bumperstickers morons?
    And don’t spoil a good margarita by talking politics!


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