and… we’re done.

truncate finale
do not let other shoe drop
this week has to end

OK. After we had the leg stuck in chair/firemen incident I was relieved to think that the rest of the week would have to be very anti-climactic.

[insert sounds of evil demon laughing]

Yesterday, on the way home from picking the wee one up at school, I had a flat tire. A giant screw through the sidewall. Please feel free to come up with your own joke here. Luckily, I was able to make it home and the three of us didn’t have to schlep our way over hills and dales (is that how you spell it? "dales"? What is a dale anyway?). Interestingly enough, the wee one’s school is right next to the fire station, so I guess we could have just gone over there and begged for help from our new friends.

So we make it home. Hooray. Then the wee one goes outside to play with some friends in the cul-de-sac. Minutes later – screaming, wailing, tears and the doorbell. The friends’ mama is at the door with wee one, and he is wailing as he holds his limp wrist like a fop holding a handkerchief. He was playing Spider-man and one of his friends was the bad guy and the bad guy fell on Spider-man (no doubt after Spider-man did one of his patented homemade "kung fu" ankle swiping moves).

We whip up an ice pack, examine the wrist. It seems OK. Red, but OK. We decide to keep an eye on the wrist, and it decides to be OK. (At least it seems OK right now – he says it still hurts, but not too bad. How long does one let a wrist hurt before taking it to a doctor to get looked at? Maybe I should consult my Target first-aid kit instruction manual thingy.)

So anyway, I hope no one minds, but I’m canceling the rest of this week. Firemen, flat tire, hurt wrist AND IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY MORNING.

I, for one, think this week has already earned its name in the annals of history, and I don’t think we need to prolong it any more.

Do you HEAR ME effing first week of October? YOUR ASS IS GRASS.

5 thoughts on “and… we’re done.

  1. When it rains, it pours. Right? I hope his wrist is okay. It would suck to have to make a trip to the doctor on top of everything else. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the rest of your week is really, really dull.


  2. Ouch! I broke my wrist when I was about 7 or so… well, fractured it. After it still hurt a day later (they had wrapped it and stuff) they took me in for xrays. Not like it could have been cast sooner anyway as it was initially swollen. My cast was neon green. hehe


  3. I only recently found out that “your ass is grass” is actually the truncated version of “your ass is grass and I’m the lawnmower.” Really! I thought that was so great; how could I not have known for so long?


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