it’s a new week!

rocking chair trouble
activated by full moon?
werewolf furniture

So on Friday, just to get back at me for canceling the week, the wee one’s small glider (not the one he got his leg stuck in, a different one) FELL ON THE WEE-ER ONE’S FACE. Just tipped right over and accosted her while she was happily playing on her butterfly blanket.

After that?


Oh she screamed. And when she screams her whole body turns red, so I couldn’t tell what part of her had been hurt. Finally she calmed down just a tad, and there it was… the beginning of a black eye. Inspidly growing, a purple lump appeared under her eye. And what was I going to do? Put ice on it? On a screaming three-month-old? When we all know ice actually makes it hurt worse before it makes it hurt less?

Well, I called a friend of mine (no, not the fire department). She recently graduated from AOMA and is my number one go to person for interesting herbal-y, organic-y, not-available-at-the-regular-grocery-store, bet you didn’t know THAT, kind of stuff.

She brought over a bunch of arnica montana stuff. We settled on Hyland’s Bump and Bruises ointment, which looked like a glue stick to me), and which seemed our best bet with the wee-er one being so young, and me still not fully embracing homeopathy because I am a western medicine, give me a shot in ass and make it all better kind of a gal.

Y’all… that arnica stuff is like a miracle in a tiny glue stick. We used the Hyland’s arnica glue stick right on the growing purple lump, and by the time my husband was home from work a few hours later, he didn’t even notice what was left of the bruise until I pointed it out.

So, yeah, it might not be a shot in the ass, but I’m all about homeopathy right now. At least the arnica part. I only wish we’d had some around when the wee one was little and ran a hundred miles an hour into the corner of the doorway.

Anyway, the week from hell is over. It ended with a bang, too. Shit.

Saying I’m happy it’s over is a bit of an understatement. Yet, I’m still suspicious of all furniture, especially anything that glides or rocks. I guess it’s time to buy my kids some motocross armour they can just wear around like everyday clothing. That and some helmets. Helmets that automatically squirt out little globs of arnica gel at fifteen minute intervals.

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