eat your heart out Lou F.

tricking and treating
what being four is about
every single day

The wee one has decided to be the Hulk for Halloween. I’m not sure how he’s even heard of the Hulk, but we’ve bought the costume so there’s no going back now. I tried to talk him into finding some too small purple pants at Goodwill and then ripping them up ourselves. Then we could paint him green, outline his muscles, dye his hair black… it would have been awesome. But he wants the Hulk suit with the built-in muscles. Sigh. What four-year-old boy wouldn’t? So mama doesn’t get to go crazy with the costume. Oh well.

I think the wee-er one is going to wear the Star Trek uniform my parents got in Vegas for the wee one when he was tiny. I can fashion up a bun for her head and she can be Captain Janeway. Either that, or she can wear this one-piece suit thing with a fake vest that the wee one never wore. A hat and some pearls and voila – Annie Hall in miniature.

I’m going to be Cylon. But not the hot one in heels and a red slip dress. I’m going to be one with frizzy curly hair and nipples that refuse to point in the same direction. Sexy.

2 thoughts on “eat your heart out Lou F.

  1. Who’s Cylon? I thought they were the enemy in Battlestar Galactica…..or am I just waaaaay out of touch.
    My wife and I are going to dress up as disgruntled dog owners….


  2. When my wee one got into the superhero thing, I too was puzzled by how he even knew who these characters were. I sure didn’t introduce him to Spiderman, et al. And now he’s obsessed with everyone in the family being a superhero. He’s going to be a Ninja Turtle for Halloween, because that’s what he wore last year and the costume still fits. His little brother will be Batman. And he wants me and his Dad to be superheroes, too. I just don’t think I can stomach a Wonder Woman or BatGirl costume.


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