worst wife ever?

the hubby’s birthday
does cleaning kitchen count as
once-in-lifetime gift?

Today is my husband’s birthday. I didn’t forget – I knew it was coming. The wee one and I counted down the days. We planned to make cupcakes. We debated on a Roomba for a present.

Then, suddenly, the day was here. We did not make cupcakes. We did not buy a Roomba. Instead, my hubby took the wee one to the tire store and outfitted the car with four lovely new tires. He also got some windshield wipers. I stayed at home with the wee-er one, a cold, and my book. Who got the better deal? Toss up, I think.

Anyway, I feel like an asshole. He claims to have had a good day. And he’s happy to have new tires. And he got pizza and beer. But still, what kind of a lame wife am I?

I blame the cold. I was cranky and feverish and snotty and grumbly. I should blame myself, I know.

I wonder how well day-after-birthday cupcakes will go over? I can decorate them with little tires. 😛

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