oh, baby… spinach

my lunch, it is back
smothered in dressing, croutons
leaving green in teeth

My rad husband picked up a couple bags of locally grown baby spinach today, thus ending The Time With No Spinach.

It was a dark time; a time of too many chips and salsa lunches; a time of "eh, I guess this Little Debbie roll of chocolate covered chemicals is OK for lunch." So I rejoice. Well, I’m still eating the little Debbie Preservative Rolls, but at least I can balance them out with , like, 8,000% of my daily vitamin K.

I’m so happy to have my spinach back. And I’m happy it was only 65 degrees today. And I’m happy the Longhorns managed to beat Nebraska. And I’m happy I had for-real fatback to cook in my 15 bean soup. (Again, fatback/spinach gives my diet a little balance. I think.)

Yay for fresh food. Yay for cool weather. Yay for football.


Happy Sunday, all.

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