I have nothing funny to say today

Except that I just remembered the first time I heard someone say they were going on a "toot" when they meant going out to get drunk. I still think that’s hilarious.

I feel like I’m on a toot right now. It’s a lack of sleep toot for me, though. I’m on an exhaustion toot. And also a water toot. And a corn dog toot. Can’t get enough of them.

One thought on “I have nothing funny to say today

  1. turning plain old life
    into something that’s better
    a poem, a life
    Okay, that wasn’t my best one . . . today (your crabby day) seems like a good time to tell you that i appreciate the way you’re transforming all your regular old days into, well, art. There, I said it. Johnna told me about your site. I love it. Now I’m done rambling.


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