Vote now! Stick it to the mud!

the mean and nasties
not TV I want to watch
god bless the tivo

I’ve had an idea. I bet way more people would vote early if, when you vote early, you get a special code along with your "I voted" sticker. When you get home, you take your special code, punch it into your TV remote and voila! You no longer have to watch any of the political commercials. Once your code is entered, the commercials magically turn into pictures of wildflowers. Or porn. You could choose whichever you prefer.

Voter turnout would go through the roof!

3 thoughts on “Vote now! Stick it to the mud!

  1. Amen sister. And slightly along those same lines, I wonder when someone will run for office without also running a smear campaign against his/her opponents. By the time voting day comes around, I don’t feel like I know ANYTHING about what these people stand for–all I know is that they really hate The Other Guy and why.


  2. That’s a terrific idea!
    The worst part – once somebody wins, you’re stuck with all this slime about them in your head for the duration of their term.


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