so much already
could fill bathtub with candy
and that’s just from school 

OK, so we’re trying an experiment this Halloween. After trick-or-treating tonight, the wee one is going to pick out a handful of his favorite candy and then leave the rest as an offering to the Halloween Fairy. The Halloween Fairy will then take it all and leave a new toy in its place. A non-tooth-rotting, non-hyper-inducing, cool new toy.

Think it’ll work? The wee one already has about twenty pounds of candy from preschool today (they trick-or-treated at the school district headquarters across the street from school). As a test, I asked him to take out a few piece to save, and, well, 19.75 pounds have been deemed "favorites" while the lone butterscotches have been left for the Halloween Fairy. This is to be expected, I guess, because I didn’t give a specific amount of candy to keep. I’m still trying to figure that out. Is five not enough? Maybe ten – two pieces a day for the rest of the week. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t want to completely deprive him of crap, because crap is fun – I like crap, too. We just don’t need so much of it.

Maybe I’ll just sit down with the Halloween Fairy and eat all the candy tonight and leave nothing behind. My stomach already hurts for no apparent reason, why not feed the fire? (It’s that gut-punch ache you get just before and during barfing. Awesome.)

Or, we could forget the Halloween Fairy and just have a traditional tooth-ruining, hurl-causing, uproarious good time.

Nah. Experimentoween is ON, baby. Let’s see how it flies.

2 thoughts on “experimentoween

  1. THAT is a great idea!! I would definitely do it. I’ve been seeing a nutritionist for the last 6 months to help me lose the 75 lbs. I gained from my pregnancy (well, the 40 left over after I had the baby) and you would not believe just how poisonous sugar is to the body. She has me sufficiently terrified of the stuff now; my poor daughter’s going to be the one lone outcast who never has cake or Lucky Charms olr Halloween candy–but she’s going to be the healthiest person on the planet if I have anything to say about it. 🙂 Three cheers for the Halloween Fairy! Brilliant idea. You go girl.


  2. just tell him he should “hide” it in his room in a really really good spot so that no one can take any of it….
    in about 3 days he will forget where he hid it and therefore wont be eating it and wnt remember it until next year where it can be deemed “bad and stale” ….it always works for me.. hiding things from other people always means actually hiding it from myself


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