an equation for exhausted smugness

suck, snore, flail, kick, eat
conspiracy against mom
no sleeping for you!

Well, this morning was a whirlwind of productivity. It was so productive, I thought I’d come up with an equation in case anyone else wants to see how to do it. So here you go:

1 tired mama
1 rambunctious 4-year-old
1 growth spurting 4-month-old

1 person mama forgot to call to watch the oldest kiddo for the morning
20 minutes of waiting at mama’s OB/GYN for her appointment
1 vat of toys OB/GYN supplies to entertain kiddo

1 functioning pelvis as I find out I probably acquired a hairline fracture during pregnancy (or childbirth)

anything to do about said pelvis – it just has to get better on its own. Which it is doing. Sloooowly.

2 tubes of blood for standard "you’re getting old" blood test

$30 co-pay

$3 parking (doc doesn’t validate)
1 insane idea to go down to UT campus and get a library card

30 minutes driving around parking garage to find a parking space

15 minutes nursing in car
many happy feelings, as children are behaving quite nicely during all of this

what’s left of pelvis and knees (I fell on my knees this weekend – splat – on the linoleum and they’re all banged up and swollen and buzzy feeling) as we walk to library
optimistic feeling as college students don’t look quite as young as I thought they would
competent library workers who not only find the UTID I had as a student, but get my new card situated in record time

$40 – cost of said card because I haven’t paid to stay a member of the alumni association
more optimistic feelings as students smile at kiddos in library instead of scowling at them

several ounces of milk (in the form of yarf down the front of the sling and my shirt)
1 awesome book I’ve been trying to find

several more ounces of already digested milk, again, all over the sling and my shirt
2 more books

several MORE ounces of already digested milk down my arm
1 nice check-out girl at the circulation desk
1 happy 4-year-old (we got to park on the roof!)

$6 to park for an hour and a half. DAMN.

$10 for lunch at Sonic (bleh)

any ounce of energy I thought I’d have left
a surprisingly happy mama and kids, a sore lower half of my body, a bunch of great books, and the thrilled feeling of being on campus for a morning. It was so great to see that the students didn’t look like babies and that they didn’t look at my babies like they were tiny little noisy trolls leaving flaming wreckage in their wake.

It was a good and weirdly liberating (though prohibitively expensive) morning. Now I need to go ice myself down and take a nap.

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